Assessment Center.

Objective personality tests in outsourcing.


As a bridge between companies and potential candidates, we conduct assessment centers. In these group selection procedures, candidates who best match the respective requirement profile are filtered out from a large number of applicants. The participants of the assessment centers are confronted with various practical tasks, the results are then evaluated. In this way we gain a thorough impression about the candidate’s overall performance and resistance to stress.


Assessment Center

The procedure of each AQUILA assessment center is individually tailored to the requirements of the position, the business sector, and the company. Work simulations can be used as well as group discussions, role plays or creative concept exercises.

With the evaluation, our specially trained employees provide an objective, fact-based assessment of the candidates. This is an optimal prerequisite for comprehensible and verifiable decision criteria.

Suitability and management diagnostics.

We check your personnel through and through.


For the further growth of your company at a high standard of quality, it is important to know the potential and competencies of your employees and executives.

Large companies and international corporations usually carry out a systematic assessment and evaluation using professional diagnostic tools. Medium-sized and small companies are usually dependent on external support for carrying out a conclusive assessment of their current work force. By outsourcing this analysis to AQUILA as an external consultancy our clients benefit from a professional, neutral, and objective assessment. Based on the results of our evaluation, we create a competence-based requirement profile.

The AQUILA methodology of management diagnostics.

The step towards „transparent“ employees.


Our conception and implementation of personality analyses are carried out within the framework of individual assessments or management audits.

In order to be able to precisely evaluate the competencies and potential of the candidates for the specific vacancy, tailor-made tasks are designed in consultation with our clients for each type of personality analysis.

Our comprehensive feedback of results to the candidates (in the form of feedback interviews) and to our clients (in the form of expert opinions and graphic result profiles) is an essential quality feature of the diagnostic work of AQUILA.

Highest reliability and validity.

Success guaranteed!


We guarantee our clients a differentiated and reliable acquisition of insight values on your staff. We ensure this through our professional and experienced consulting team, the application of scientifically based procedures and a high reliability and validity of the instruments used.