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Our focus is always on the person with all his/her individual skills, interests, and wellbeing. For that reason, we offer integration support for the first six months after a vacancy has been filled, during which we act as a coach – beginning with the first day on the job. A service that receives a highly positive response from candidates and clients alike.

The AQUILA team.

Professional womanpower. And strong manpower!

Loyalty is our top priority.

Discretion more than just a matter of honor.

Due to our work with highly sensitive company-specific and personal data, loyalty and absolute discretion are our top priority. Since we always strive to achieve a common goal with you, whether as client or candidate, loyal and discreet behavior on both sides is essential. This high degree of discretion is fundamental and self-evident for every consultant in our team.

Trust is the basis, a continuous

cooperation our goal.

We are well aware that our services are often called upon after a certain amount of personal suffering has already built up. Our recipe for success is based on continuous communication between all parties involved. A permanent contact person accompanies you through all processes in close coordination. In this way you have full control over the entire application process at all times. This communicative approach has proven its worth as a valuable link between our clients and candidates.

Creativity, sensitivity and psychology.

Fundamental tools that we master with confidence.


There is a multitude of industries, companies, and individual personalities on the market. We know from our years of experience that numerous employment contracts do not come about because both sides simply do not know each other. We are dedicated to change that by bringing the best together. This is where the sensitivity and psychological intuition of our employees are required. You can be sure: We leave no stone unturned to achieve our goal, always ready to explore new, unconventional, and creative approaches. Our success proves us right.

Our expertise.

As sophisticated as your management positions.

A diverse clientele.

The range of our clients reflects a broad spectrum from large international to small and medium-sized, family-run businesses.

For reasons of confidentiality towards our clients, we do not mention references on our website. Of course, you can always contact us personally for further information.

AQUILA in Grünwald.

No solution is closer!


Regardless of where your company is based, coming to AQUILA is the closest solution for filling challenging positions. But of course, we are also happy to come to you. Either way: it’s a pleasure to meet you!

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